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Here’s few words from our us:-

Having spent over 30 years in Information Technology in many roles, I have seen an ever-changing world of improvements.

For the past 15 years, I have actively pursued my passions of Online Digital Marketing and have had the privilege of working for some of the leading organisations in Forex, Holiday and Vacation Rentals, Long Term Property Rentals and even Boat Charters.

Not bad, when I reflect that I am totally self-taught and established a great outsourced team of professionals along the way! I was extremely proud to achieve the Google certification of “The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” back in 2017 and receiving a Merit for my Shaw Academy Diploma in Digital Marketing in the same year.

Through this passion, I formed the World Global Brand to create online portals to promote in a variety of sectors to of
course create a profitable brand, but more importantly give our customers an “easy-in” and low-cost commitment to our services.

Our corporate site
is a simplistic and uncomplicated showcase of our current brand projects and will always have our current company contact details and all our up-to date websites within the brand but here is my highlight of our key brands,
is our mixed mode marketing platform which highlights the shift in the Marketing marketplace. I personally believe that after the pandemic of 2020/2021 people just don’t have the time to absorb lengthy text on various products, so here we use the ethos of “Marketing for the new social world – Where small snippets create big business” pretty self-explanatory keep it snappy, simple and graphical and this is what we believe our converting consumers align with the best.
we host our own websites on our own platform and always strive to ensure they are hosted on a reliable and quick platform. We have also opened this up for our clients to host their own websites and have WordPress Website Hosting Packages from just £1 per month. Again, our ethos “Hosting Business on Virtual Foundations” is that starting point for most online ventures and as our customers grow, then we will just keep increasing both the size and speed of our hosting services.
I had over 10 years in marketing holiday/vacation websites and World Global Vacations is my real “baby”. I’m looking forward to watching this grow and we are currently working with content partners with xml property feeds suitable for our overall vision of where we want to take this project forward. Again, aligning with our channels partners we are opening up the platform for property owners, mobile home owners and even Yacht owners to list their own rentals and why we appreciate that bookings of rental properties for “stay cations” worldwide is extremely busy at the moment over the next couple of years, we foresee a drought of rentals as the more hardy travelers opt for package getaways, so as a testament to this we are offering a massive 90 day free trial and then only £1 per month for a property owner with a single listing.
Our unique selling point is that’s it, that’s all you pay as we don’t handle the booking in anyway or take a commission.
That puts our customers in control and in profit!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we really appreciate your business and hope your business grows with us,
while we grow with you!


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